All New 45s!

Got a BUNCH of new 45s this week, enough to fill a whole show! Some real gems in here, including the AMAZING Chyvonne Scott!

Download .m4a (w/ trackbreaks and scans): HERE Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE

Playlist: Chyvonne Scott - I'm Moving On (Alto) Soul Angels - It's All In Your Head (josie) The Soul Duo - This Is Your Day (josie) Kitty Montgomery - Hey Boy (Sanns) Jodi Gales - Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Pt 2 (Savern) Alvin Christy - I Dont Know What You Got (Pinpoint) Steve Colt - Dynamite (big beat) Little Mack Simmons - Givin Me A Hard Time (Dud Sound) James Duncan - Stand Up and Get Funky (Federal) W Williams and Sonny Wash - Funky Broadway (Henvick) James Barnes and The Agents - Good and Funky (Golden Hit) The Fabulous Shalimars - Funky Line Pt 2 (Rack) Johnny Williams - Breaking Point (Twinight) Israel Tolbert - Shake Your Big Hips (Warren) Ike and Dee Dee Johnson - You Cant Have Your Cake (Innis) Jackie Lavant - What Goes Up (Phil La) Junie Conquest - All I Need (Windy C) Johnson Hawkins Tatum and Durr - You Cant Blame Me (Capsoul) Honey and The Bees - What About Me (josie) Marie Queenie Lyons - Try Me (Deluxe) The Lovables - Youre The Cause Of It (Toot) Bobby Lee Fears - Exodus (Forward) Sunrise Movement - Clockwise Revolution (Ghetto) The Emotions - I Like It (Volt) Vicki Anderson - Baby Dont You Know (King) Larry Williams - Shake Your Body Girl (Venture) The Soul Impacts - Heres Some Dances (SIM) Lotti Golden - Sock It To Me Baby (Atlantic) Larry Williams - Boss Lovin (smash) Kickapoo Kidd - The Kick a Poo Pt 1 (Soulville) Jackie Montre El - Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (Success Express) Angela Davis - Love Bumpin Pt 1 (Flaming Arrow) The Blendelles - La La The Magic Song (Jotee) The Firebolts - Everybody Party (Greenback) Gail - Consideration (SMI) Raw Silk - Summers Here (Watts City)