Jazzman Records Special!

Got a big order in from Jazzman Records, and decided to play a bunch of them this week. Lots of represses and reissues, but alot of them are super rare. Enjoy!

Note: I am going to go back to using the old method for taking pictures of the records next show, the iPhone camera isn't giving me very high quality results.

Download .m4a (w/ trackbreaks and scans): HERE Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE

Playlist: El Michels Affair - Spread Your Soul (Truth and Soul) Sheila Wilkerson - Can You Do It (Jazzman) Lemuria - Hunk of Heaven (Jazzman) Chuck Womack - Ham Hocks and Beans Pt 1 (ReJoint) Barbara Trent - Heart Break Hotel (Funk 45) The Soul Believers - I Dont Want Nobodys Troubles (King) The Black Exotics - What Am I Waiting For (Funk 45) Jonny K - Bills To Pay (Fryer Mantis) The Soul Drifters - Funky Soul Brother Pt 1 (Funk 45) Carlton Basco - Don't Chain My Soul (Tramp) The Soul Impossibles - Soul Power No 1 (Funk 45) Nathan Bartell - Top Goin Down Goin Up (Fryer Mantis) James Brown - Shhhhhhhh For A Little While (King) Black Bishop - Hard Times (SOD) Hank Soulman Mullen - He Upset Your Dreams (EverSoul) Carla Whitney - Its You For Me (Jazzman) Freddie Wilson - In Born Soul (BGP) The Natural Yoghurt Band - Voodoo (Jazzman) The Generation - I'm A Good Woman (BGP) Los Walkysons Feat Sharon Jones - Do The Crank (Butterfly) Paul Burton - So Very Hard To Make It (Jazzman) Bill Swift Trio - Day Dreamin (Jazzman) Communicators - The Road (Jazzman)