Some Classic 45s…

Dug into the collection and pulled out some classics that I havn't played in a while.

Download .m4a (w/ trackbreaks and scans): HERE Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE

Playlist: Wendy Rene - After Laughter (Stax) Donald Height - Life Is Free (Hurdy Gurdy) Soul Toranodoes - Go For Yourself (Burt) Otis Goodwin - I Feel It A Little Bit (Jazz) Inell Young - The Next Ballgame (Big 9) Bobby Marchan - Push The Button (Ace) Lee Fields - Soul Dynamite (soul fire) Dapkings - Nervous Like Me (Kay Dee) Tomorrows Children - Sister Big Stuff (Explosion) Arlene Brown - Impeach Me Baby (Dynamite) Eddie Long - It Don't Make Sense (Skye) Naomi Davis - Forty First Street Breakdowne (Desco) The Soul Destroyers - Blow Your Top Pt 1 (Stark Reality) Charlie Hodges - Daddy Love (Sweet) Jimbo Jackson & the Violators - Pop Corn Pt 1 (Brainstorm) The Golden Toadstools - Silly Savage (Minaret) Soul Senders - Soul Brothers Testify (Anla) Richards People - Something Or Other (Tuba) Don Pierce - This Funky Thing (Majesty) Eddie Bo - Can You Handle It? (Bo Sound) City Council Ltd - When You Git Through Wit It Put It Back (Graytom) The RDM Band - Butter That Popcorn (Virtue) Ironing Board Sam - Original Funky Bell Bottoms (Styletone) Rocky Brown - I'm Mad (Toxsan) Lee Fields - Hey Sallie Mae Get Off My Feet (Desco) Betty Adams - Make It Real (Notes Of Gold) New Holidays - Maybe So Maybe No (Soulhawk) US Warren & the Ghengis Pea - Hard Headed Woman (Chytowne) The Capprells - Close Your Eyes (Bano) Funka Fize - Because Your Funky (Royce) The Maskman and The Agents - Stand Up (BBC) The Dansettes - Oh My (Cosmic Groove) Alvin Cash - Whip It On Me (Toddlin Town) Lee Moses - She's A Bad Girl (Gates) The Reflections - Just Like Romeo and Juliet (Golden World) Larry Hart - Goin Up In Smoke (Genesis) Arlene Bell - Did You Mean It (Velvet) The Electras - Another Mans Woman (De Lite) Patti Jo - Ain't No Love Lost (Scepter)