Special Guest

Next week Jordan Valentine and Jeff Swallom will join me in the studio to play some records and talk about Jordan's new record on Cultures of Soul.

In the meantime, if you are in the Boston area, go check out Jordan & Jeff at The Rosebud.

Please Donate To Freeform Radio

wmfologo If you enjoy Galactic Fractures, please go and donate some money to help support WMFO. WMFO is the station which has allowed me to broadcast Galactic Fractures for over 10 years now. They are having the first donation drive in recent memory. I know times are tough, but please give as much as you can.


After donating, the station will contact you with your tax deductable receipt information. Please vote for Galactic Fractures as your favorite show.

Some changes...

You might see some changes around galacticfractures.com for a while. I updated the wordpress install, still looking for a decent theme.

UPDATE: I also changed hosting providers for the archives. If you notice any shows not linked properly, please leave a comment!

I'll be back with some new shows soon.


Thanks for all the people emailing me. I am going to be putting up some new shows real soon. I have left things to linger for FAR too long! Also, I decided to get rid of the google ads, they weren't paying anything anyway. Plus, i think the rating system was slowing down the website's database, I may put it back up eventually. Stay tuned.

Don't forget you can always listen live every week at: http://www.wmfo.org/

Support the Show!

Help support the show by buying a mix cd from our shop! Currently we have two mixes available, with more to come. Each one has the funk & soul you love, plus a few gems you can't get anywhere else!

Quick update…

I am still waiting on my ISP to move my site to a new server. Once that is done, I will upload the remaining shows (approx 7gigs of shows going back to 2000). In the meantime I added two old shows. One from 2002 with the one-and-only Miss Shing-a-ling guest djing. I also added a show I did from Oct. 2001. More to come.

Also, all the new shows will be in a higher bitrate!

Switch to Wordpress!

The switch to wordpress is complete! All the recent shows are now back online, going back to 2005. There are a few holes where I had missing shows & I'll try to track those down.

Be sure to RATE your favorite shows as well. The highest rated shows will show up on the front page of the site.

Coming soon:

  • better looking theme (using default wordpress till i find a suitable one
  • all the REALLY old shows (going back to 2000)
  • cheap mix cds for sale to support the site.

RIP Godfather

RIP - Mr. James Brown.

Remember the good times.

Soul Brother #1.