Los Sospechos!

Couple new 45s from Colemine Records, along with the other side of the new Budos Band 45. From the Budos website: "Fans of the Budos will also enjoy the new 45 from Los Sospechos, being released this Tuesday, August 17th on Colemine Records. Produced by Budos members, Mike Deller and John Carbonella (Car-Del) at the Dunham Records studio, and featuring the Budos horn section, this is the first single from the soundtrack to the feature film, Postales."

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Full Speed!

Picked up a bunch of new 45s this week from a local dealer friend. The amazing Full Speed sister funk 45 is a fantastic double sider, I play both in this show. Also don't miss out on The Impressions doing their interpretation of 'This Old Heart Of Mine' called 'Cant Satisfy'.

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Cultures Of Soul!

SPECIAL SHOW! Interview with Deano Sounds and Billi Sparrow. Deano Sounds started a label called Cultures of Soul, and the first release comes out this tuesday! It is a 45 of unreleased West Medford, MA heat by the Original Black Sheep of the Family. Billi Sparrow calls in to talk about the release and how he created the tracks back in the 70s. Don't miss out on this amazing show and interview.

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Beggin: The Donation Drive Show!

oldboard Please help support WMFO by going to donate some money online.

I have been on WMFO for over 10 years now, and recently we were able to upgrade much of the equipment at the station. The above picture of our old board was replaced by a slick brand new one. However, these upgrades cost money so please donate what you can. If you mention GALACTIC FRACTURES in your donation, it helps me keep bringing you the funk, soul, disco, blues and other genres every week.

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Hour 1
Hour 2

Download: Hour 1 Hour 2


Asie Payton - I Love You (Fat Possum) Ray Charles - Night Time Is The Right Time Perk Badger - Do Your Stuff (Hit Sound) Lou Courtney - Hey Joyce (Pop Side) Johnny Davis - You Got To Crawl To Me (Bandit) Eli Reed - Young Girl Frank Lynch - Young Girl (My Records) Louis Curry - I'll Try Again Tomorrow (MS) The Olympics - I'll Do A Little Bit More (Mirwood) 4 Seasons - Beggin Eddie Floyd - Big Bird (Stax) Dean Parrish - Tell Her (Boom) Gene Chandler - My Big Shot (constellation) Majestics - Class A (New World) Breakout - Planet Rock Pt 1 (Melting Pot) Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles (Prophecy) Family of Eve - I Want To Be Loved By You (Lotusland) GD and Big J - Movin On (Good) Grupo Musica - Mister Musica (Pu Vi) Myron and E - Its A Shame (Timmion) New Holidays - Maybe So Maybe No (Soulhawk) Mayer Hawthorne - Maybe so Maybe No (Stones Throw) James Brown - Soul Power (King) The Emotions - Blind Alley (Volt) All the People - Cramp Your Style (Blue Candle) Ballin Jack - Found A Child (Columbia) The Outcasts - Loving You Sometimes (Plato) Harry Belefonte - Jump In The Line (RCA) Naomi Davis - Wind Your Clock (Desco) Barbara Lynn - I'm A Good Woman (Tribe)

Whiskey Barons Guest DJ

Whiskey Barons (Amphibious and The Bogart, both from the Flavorheard crew) stop by the show to play their new 12 inch single. They brought along some treats...reggae, latin, disco....check it out.

I start and close the show with songs from Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents' new EP on Q Dee records. Don't miss it!

Download (.m4a w/ trackbreaks and label scans): DOWNLOAD Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE


Jenny Dee and the Deelinquints - Shake Some Action (Qdee) Delroy Wilson - Get Ready (Hit Bound) John Holt - Love I Can Feel (Striker Ace) Delroy Wilson - Cool Operator (blank) Ken Boothe - Who Really Cares (Soul Beat) Desmond Decker - Fu Manchu (Aces) Bob Marley - Mr Brown (Upsetter) Errol Durley - Please Stop Lying Girl (Gibbs) Heptones - Hot Pants Road (blank) Soul Syndicate - Bongo Riot (Rebind) The Paragons - Riding High (Treasure Isle) Johnny and the Attractions - Cross My Heart (Gay Feet) Justin Hines and the Dominoes - Saturday Night (Duchess) Ken Boothe - I Don't Wanna See You Cry (studio one) C Campbell - I Let The Music Play (Pecking) Whiskey Barons - Guajira (Flavorheard) Whiskey Barons - Badumbadey (Flavorheard) Whiskey Barons - Shake Yuh Waist (Flavorheard) Dizzy Gillespie - Manteca (Verve) Manu Dibango - Weya (Fiesta) Jose Mangual - Chinatown (Turnstyle) Tropicana Steel Band - Calypso Rock (Polydor) Ralph Macdonald - The Path (marlin) Chico Man - Moyombe (Kindred Spirits) People - Na Waya (Follow Me) Ice - Time Will Tell (harmless) Joe Bataan - Call My Name (Commonfolk) William DeVaugn - Be Thankful For What You Got (disco version)(Tec) Sly and Robbie - Billy Jean (Aralux) The Chequers - Get Up Stand Up (comp) Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents - You're The Best Thing (Qdee)

Joseph Colbourne Returns!

Local disco collectro Joseph Colbourne stops by to play us some of his gems! Lots of great ones for the disco/modern fans in this set.

Before Joseph starts out, I played a few new 45s, including the fantastic Myron & E with the Soul Investigators. Originally out on the Finnish Timmion record label, they are going to be put out in the US by Stones Throw!

Download (.m4a w/ trackbreaks and label scans): DOWNLOAD Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE


(PJ starts out...)

Myron and E with the Soul Investigators - Cold Game (Timmion) Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (Stones Throw) Akwaaba People - Need Somebody (Deep Funk) The Black Exotics - What Am I Waiting For (Funk 45)

(Joseph takes over)

Newstar Band - I Still Feel Like Dancing (New Star) Brief Encounter - Get A Good Feeling (Capital) Joe Coleman - Get It Off The Ground (F1 Team) Freeway - Get The Feeling (Nebula Circle) Garfield Fleming - Don't Send Me Away (becket) Vernon - Get To The Point (Babs) The Antilles - I've Got You Have You (Polydor) R B Hudmon - Searchin For Your Love (Nite Life) Deodato - Keep On Movin' (Remix) (WB) Toba - Make Your Mind Up (Connection) Master Control - No Cross No Crown (LA) Dizzy K - Excuse Me Baby (EMI) Pierce Bros - Say Lady (Star Birth) Le'o Roy - Pound For Pound (Golden Flamingo) Steveo - Pay The Price (tk) Buari - I'm Ready (Makossa) Bunny Mack - Supafrico (RCA) UDM - To Please You (Kadabra) Powerline - Watching You (PLR) Eddie Henderson - Cyclops (Capitol) La Pregunta - Chameleon (PE) Mark IV - If You Can't Tell Me Something Good (Brite Lite) Gonzalez - Closer To You (Tooti Frooti) Cab - Stop (Hoopwoods)