Cultures Of Soul!

originalbla_heavenmus_101b SPECIAL SHOW! Interview with Deano Sounds and Billi Sparrow. Deano Sounds started a label called Cultures of Soul, and the first release comes out this tuesday! It is a 45 of unreleased West Medford, MA heat by the Original Black Sheep of the Family. Billi Sparrow calls in to talk about the release and how he created the tracks back in the 70s. Don't miss out on this amazing show and interview.

PLUS! Billi Sparrow is going to be playing live at The Rosebud in Davis Square this Friday night May 28th. For more information, and to order your own copy of the 45, go to

NOTE: Trying to get my podcast back inline with the DMCA, so that means no more enhanced podcast and I will be pulling the mp3 archives directly from the radio station. This means you may hear a bit of the previous show before I start!

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(PJ warms up for 30 minutes or so)

Interview with Deano Sounds/Cultures Of Soul

(Deano Sounds plays some records)

Original Black Sheep of the Family - Heaven Must Have Made You Girl - Cultures of Soul Le Frank 'O - Keep on Gettin Down - M-M-M Gold Sax Supreme - Island in the Sky - Who Are Those Guys Records Tribe - Smoke Part 1 - ABC Records Winfield Parker - I Wanna Be with You - P&L Records 100% Pure Poison - Do Whatcha Do - Poison Cane and Able - Live I'm Blow Up - Epic Brother Jack McDuff - Let My People Go - Cadet Monguito Santamaria - Hey Sister - DiscJockey Emilio Santiago - Bananeira - Soul Jazz Nico Gomez - Baila Chibiquiban - Odeon Del Jones' Positive Vibes - Afro-Funky-Isms Nia Records Lord Rhaburn Combo - Disco Connection - Numero Gene Miller - Spiderman - Alfie Mad Dog Fire Department - Cosmic Funk - TK Disco

Interview with Billi Sparrow of Original Black Sheep of the Family

Original Black Sheep of the Family - Do You Wanna Dance - Cultures of Soul