New Colemine Release!

This show features 2 brand new 45s. The first from the Monophonics on Colemine Records. Terry Cole does a fantastic job on his releases, so be sure and pick up the new 45. Also we have a brand new one on Timmion Records, by Soul-la-das. Don't sleep on Timmion, they have released such gems as Nicole Willis and Myron & E. The new 45 is fantastic!

Listen Online:

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Monophonics "Like Yesterday" on Colemine Ikebe Shakedown "No Answer" on Colemine Soul-la-das "Movin And Grovin' Pt 1" on Timmion Penny and the Quarters "You and Me" on Numero Repress Inell Young "What Do You See In Her" on Libra The Trinikas "Remember ME" on Pearce Cheryl Williams "I'm Your Fool" on Bengee Bo Dollis "Handa Wanda Pt 1" on Crescent City Mary Love "Born To Live With Heartache" on Elco Dee Dee Gartrell "I Must Be Doing Something Right" on Maverick Dream Machine "Boston Bump" on Patio Miss Soul "Payback" on lewis Kings Go Forth "You're The One" on Mr C's Billy Thompson "Black Eyed Girl" on Wand The Epsilons "Mad At The World" on Shrine Johnny Davis "You Got To Crawl To Me" on Bandit Chyvonne Scott "I'm Movin On" on Alto The Confidentals "Does He Really Love You pt 1" on Masterpiece