Brother Cleve!

Special guest, the legendary Brother Cleve stops by the show to play some of his collection. Don't miss him every Monday & Friday at Think Tank in Kendall Square. Also I started out the show with the new 45 off the Charles Bradley LP!

Listen Online:

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(...a bit of the previous show before we get started)

PJ starts out:

Charles Bradley "Heart of gold" on Dunham El Rego "Vimado Wingnan" on Daptone Guest Villians "Tornado" on Timmion

Brother Cleve takes over:

RD Burman "Disco Music (Jawani Diwani)" on Polydor RD Burman "Countess Caper (shalimar)" on Polydor Surinder kohli "Mainne kaha tha mat jao tum" on EMI Sitar beat "Somebody to love" Sammy Reuben "Rocky mer a naam" on Polydor Kaliandji Anandaji "Commander" on EMI Velvettes "Just sayin really (dimitri reedit)" Mamas and papas "Boots (fort Knox five reedit)" Temps "Papa was a Rollin stone (cic and selenta remix)"