Tarik Thornton Guest Mix!

Tarik Thornton stops through Galactic Fractures, and shares some amazing 45s. Willie Cagar, Willie Tee, Bronc Glows, Louis Curry....Don't miss out on this one!

A few words from Tarik:

I am a New Orleans native, who’s been involved with music since the age of two. I first started spinning my parents’ 45’s back in the late 70’s. My dad would take me record digging with him every Saturday, which helped shaped the person that I am today. As I got older, I became a Hip-Hop DJ and would eventually work at the college radio station, WTUL in New Orleans, from 1997- 2000. In that time I met DJ Skizz (WNYU HALFTIME SHOW) with whom I eventually moved to Queens, NY with; we then began working together with a great deal of the DJs and Artists who we had admired all our lives. After September 11th happened, and then Katrina, I decided I needed a quieter place to call home, so I moved to Milwaukee.

By this time I didn’t have the passion for Hip Hop that I once had, so I reverted back to my days of studying all the rare groove, soul and funk music I could get my hands on. That’s when I discovered the Northern Soul scene in Milwaukee. Around the same time, I stumbled upon Galactic Fractures and also the Funky 16 Corners, both blog sites blew me away with the huge amount of great records posted. I took this as my calling to get back into DJing again. While living in Milwaukee, I met Andy Noble (Kings Go Forth, Lotus Land Records, Super Noble Bros) who introduced me to Dave Monroe a resident DJ at BurnHearts Bar in Milwaukee. Learning that I was from New Orleans, Dave was quick to invite me to spin my first 45 gig at Burn Hearts. From that time forward I have played with the likes of DJ FineWine (WFMU), Justin Salinas & The Hot Pants Crew (Minneapolis), Hip Shaker DJs (Minneapolis), and a host of very fine tuned Souls all over the U.S. You guys can check out myself along with the Hot Pants Crew/ HipShaker Crew of Minneapolis getting busy at their Twin Cities Soul & Funk Weekender Oct 15-16th.

Enjoy the Mix!

Listen Online:

[audio:http://c0441221.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/tarikthornton_101010.mp3 ]



Willie Cager – He’s Player (Contact) Willie Tee- Gatur Bait (Gatur) Les Tres Femmes – Listen to Your Momma (Phila- La) Lu, Paul & Brian (School Boys)- Too Young To Marry (Janus) Phillips Bros- Who Stole My Cookies () John KaSandra- (What’s Under) The Natural Do (Respect) Bronc Glows- Charge (Bull City Sounds) Simmie & The Dynamics- Don’t Make Me Burn (Bella) Guys & Dolls –Strange World (Mellow) Louis Curry- Sweeter than A Cup of Honey (M-S) Marvellettes – Breath Taking Guy (Tampa) Roe – O- Tations - Old Love (Grim) Voice Masters- If a Woman Catches a Fool (Bamboo) The Continental 4- What You Gave Up (Jay-Walking) The Floaters- Take One Step (ABC) Smokey Robinson - If You Can Want- (Tamla) Charlene PM- Loving You (F-W) Albert Ray Combo -Sweet Talk (Michelle)