John Funke Guest DJs!

Special guest...the one and only John Funke, from WMBR's Backwoods and resident Soulelujah dj! John brings out an amazing set of soul and R&B. Some real special ones in here, don't miss out!

Listen Online:

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(PJ starts out, roughly 2 minutes into archive)

New Holidays "Maybe So Maybe No" on Soulhawk Joni Wilson "The Losers Seat" on Volt Johnny Davis "You Got To Crawl To Me" on Bandit

(John Funke takes over!)

Dinah Washington "Soulville" on Roullette Dee Dee Warwick "You're No Good" on Jubilee Ray Charles "I Dont Need No Doctor" on ABC Wilson Pickett "Baby Call On Me" on Double L Luther Thomas "Upset The Town" on Change The Merced Blue Notes "Rufus Jr" on Galaxy Little Emmett Smith "Mom, Wont You Teach Me To Monkey" on Federal Tommy Tucker "That's How Much" on Featival The Dukays "Mellow Feznecky" on Jerryo The Gypsies "Jerk It" on Old Towne Billy Lamont "Shake and Jerk" on Bang Donald Height "Climbing the Pole" on Old Towne Derek Martin "Daddy Rollin Stone" on Cracker Jack Lee and the Leopards "Tryin to make it" on gordy Dimples Jackson "Love Came Tumblin Down" on Gardena Johnny Nash "Strange Feelin" on Argo The 7th Son "Modesty Pt 1" on Wynwood Doc and the Interns "Baby I Know" on now Roscoe Robinson "What Makes A Man Do Wrong" on Tuff Clay Hammond "Dance Little Girl" on Duo The Traits "Harlem Shuffle" on Scepter Tony Clarke "Ain't Love Good, Aint Love Proud" on Chess Al TNT Braggs "Take A Look At Me" on Peacock Nathaniel Kelly "Do The Jerk With Me" on Jubilee Bobby Miller "Uncle Willie Time" on constellation The Daylighters "Mom Teach Me How To Uncle Willie" on Tip Top Les Princesses "Oh Dis Moi" on Ely Amos Milbourne Jr "Gloria" on Shalimar Connie Christmas "Big Chief" on Checker Jimmy Shaw "Big Chief" on Imperial DC Washington "The Mohawk" on Felsted Phil Flowers "The Cleopatra" on josie Ty Terrell "The Scratch" on Lute Prentice Moreland "Limbo Party" on Challenge Big Maybelle "That's A Pretty Good Love" on Savoy Eddie Bo "Every Dog Got His Day" on Ric JC Davis "Monkey" on Chess Bo Diddley "Do The Frog" on Checker Joe Tex "Don't Play" on Checker Jesse Mae "Don't Freeze On Me" on DRA Bobby Parker "Watch Your Step" on VTone Aretha Franklin "Rough Lover" on Columbia Jacques Du Tronc "Le Responsable" on Vogue