Saigon To San Francisco

Back after 2 weeks off! A few new funk and soul 45s at the beginning of the show, and a nice set of my favorite international psych music. Make sure to check out the amazing Toussaint McCall instrumental, Saigon to San Francisco. I typically like vocals more, but this instrumental is fantastic.

Listen Online:

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Elaine Hill "You're Gonna Get It" on RSVP Rolesia and the Kenyattas "Kenyatta In Your Town" on Velvet The Odds and Ends "Foot Track" on Today Brenda Parker "Get Ready" on Rare Bird Peggy Scott and Jojo Benson "I Thank You" on ATCO Rufus Thomas "Itch and Scratch Pt 2" on Stax Malcolms Locks "Get Up Stand Up" on Old Town Syl Johnson "I'm Yours" on Hi Rosco Robinson "Thats Enough" on Wand Willie Smith "I Got A New Thing" on genuine Jeanette Williams "Stuff" on Backbeat Carolyn Sullivan "Dead" on phillips Toussaint McCall "Saigon To San Francisco" on Nu Sound Petalouda "What You Can Do In Your Life" on Columbia Ton And Sergio "Vou Sair Do Cativeiro" on (comp) Proa "La gloria de Dios" on (comp) Amanaz "Sunday Morning" on (repress) The Witch "Lazy Bones" on (repress) Ofege "Its Not Easy" on (repress) Ngozi Family "Night Of Fear" on (repress) Black Merda "Cynthy Ruth" on (repress) Index "You Keep Me Hanging On" on (reissue) Baris Manco "Kayalarn Oglu" on (repress) Embrujo "Canto Sin Nombre" on (repress) Norberto "Herminia Meu Sofremento" on Iefe Discos Violeta Parra "Gracias a la Vida" on RCA Mike Dukane "Your Love Keeps Liftin Me Higher and Higher" on Pro Production Budos Band "Unbroken Unshaven" on Daptone