More Funk More Soul

No brand new 45s this week, but plenty of classics both rare and common. Stay tuned, I have a few special guests planned for future weeks. Also, don't forget to check out our dj night, Soulelujah, if you are in the Boston/Cambridge area.

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Mark Capanni "I Believe In Miracles" on repress Joyce Williams "The First Thing I Do In The Morning" on Act IV Arlene Brown "Impeach Me Baby" on Dynamite Ann Alford "Got To Get Me A Job" on Hy Sign Bethea the Maskman "Stand Up (yellow label)" on BBC Albert King "Cold Feet" on Stax Lowell Fulsom "Why Dont We Do It In The Road" on Jewel James Brown "Talkin Loud and Sayin Nothin Pt 1 (Rock Version)" on King Jesse Johnson "Kickin The Habit" on Turf Betty Adams "Make It Real" on Notes Of Gold Helene Smith "You Got To Be A Man" on PhilaofSoul Rhetta Hughes "You're Doing It With Her" on Tetragrammaton Samson and Delilah "Theres A DJ In Your Town" on Black Prince Mack Rice "Three People In Love" on Captiol Viola Wills "Sweetback" on Supreme The Xplosions "Tell Me Face To Face" on Funk City Gloria Williams "Sister Funk" on Downtown Eddy Jacobs Exchange "Pull My Coat" on Columbia Reuben Bell "Superjock" on Alarm Renaldo Domino "Let Me Come Within" on Twinnight Inell Young "What Do You See In Her" on Libra Marilyn Barbarin "Reborn" on Bo Sound Big Ella "It Takes A Lot Of Loving" on Lo Lo Nathaniel Mayer "I Want Love And Affection" on Fortune Perk Badger "Do Your Stuff" on Hit Sound Robert Moore "Everythings Gonna Be All Right" on Saadia Roger and The Gypsies "Pass The Hatchet" on Seven B Explosions "Hip Drop" on Gold Cup The Vibrettes "Humpty Dump" on Lujon Anna King "Mamas Got A Bag Of Her Own" on End Lou Courtney "Hot Butter N All Pt 1" on Hurdy Gurdy Chris Columbus "Tighten Up 70" on ? Kings Go Forth "One Day" on Mr Cs All the People "Cramp Your Style" on Blue Candle Sir Guy "Funky Virginia" on DPG Dee Dee Gartrell "I Must Be Doing Something Right" on Maverick Patti Drew "Hard To Handle" on Capitol Yvonne Fair "Say Yeah Yeah" on dade Syl Johnson "Straight Love No Chaser" on Zachron