Its Not What You Know

Playing the Bob and Gene 45 from vinyl finally!!! Nice to have the full 2 hours back for Galactic Fractures. I really packed in the songs on this show, not much talking. Be sure to check out the two versions of "Same Thing It Took". I was actually more aware of the rare gospel 45, cause of its recent rerelease on Numero Group. The Impressions do a nice secular version though. I recently got hipped to that fantastic Nina Simone track I had been ignoring for far too long, so don't miss that one either!

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Bob and Gene "Its Not What You Know Its Who You Know" on Ever Soul Roger and The Gypsies "Pass The Hatchet Pt 1" on Seven B Impressions "Same Thing It Took" on RSO The Inspirational Gospel Singers "Same Thing It Took" on Fine Naomi Davis "Wind Your Clock Pt 1 and 2" on Desco Nina Simone "It Be's That Way Sometimes" on RCA Honey and The Bees "Love Addict" on Arctic Dee Dee Gartrell "I Must Be Doing Something Right" on Maverick Mary Love "Born To Live With Heartache" on Elco Chee Chee Scott "I Can't Turn You Loose" on Tee Off Ella Thomas "If You Leave Me" on Gedinsons LaVern Baker "Bumblebee" on ATCO Jay Stutes "Sugar Bee" on Gold Band Della Thomas "Let It Roll" on monitor Billy Thompson "Black Eyed Girl" on Wand Gene Chandler "Mr Big Shot" on constellation Elaine Hill "You're Gonna Get It In The Same Old Way" on RSVP Hermon Hitson "She's A Bad Girl" on Minit The Ikettes "Whatcha Gonna Do" on Phi Dan Helena Hollins "Baby You're Right" on Stonegood Renee Perri "I Aim To Please" on Soulville Francine King "Two Fools" on Channel 1 Earl Clover "Freedom" on Dove Barbara Brown "If Its Good To You" on MGM Gloria Williams "Sister Funk" on Downtown The Xplosions "Tell Me Face To Face" on Funk City Inell Young "The Next Ball Game" on Big 9 Kim Tamango "Not By Bread Alone" on Firebird Bumps Jackson "The Ghetto Pt 2" on Giant Symphonic Four "Who Do You Think You're Foolin Pt 1" on Zudan Stone Creations "Hands On A Golden Key" on Fly By Nite Doris and Kelley "You Don't Have To Worry" on Brunswick Soul Brothers Six "I Don't Want To Cry" on Fine The Destinations "I Can't Leave You" on Ando The Confidentals "Does He Really Love You Pt 1" on Masterpiece Reggie Soul "My World Of Ecstacy" on Capri Gene Anderson "The Lonliest One" on Royal Tone Alvin Christy "I Don't Know What You Got" on Pinpoint Soul Brothers Six "Move Girl" on Fine Bob and Gene "These Lonely Nights" on EverSoul Ikebe Shakedown "Tujunga" on Ubiquity