LIVE From the 2011 JP Record Swap!

A first ever broadcast of Galactic Fractures live from the 2011 JP Record Swap. A big thanks to everyone who came through, and especially to Mark Francis for hosting the event in his front yard!

I apologize for the technical difficulties and cut-outs, but it was a (fairly) successful live broadcast!

(show starts 1:10 into archive)

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Honey and the Bees - Love Addict (Arctic) Robert Moore - Everythings Gonna Be Alright (Saadia) Inell Young - What Do You See In Her (Libra) Whiskey Barons - Buena Suerte remix Fred Williams - Tell Her (Solo) Darling Dears - I Don't Think I'll Ever Love Another (Flower City) Soul Brothers Six - I Don't Wanna Cry (Fine) Ambassadors - Ain't Got The Love (Arctic) The Epsilons - Mad At The World (Shrine) The Confidentals - Does He Really Love You Pt 1 (Masterpiece) Doris and Kelley - You Don't Have To Worry (Brunswick) Stone Creations - Hands On A Golden Key (Fly By Nite) Cheryl Williams - I'm Your Fool (Bengee) Forest Terry - Satellite Love Moha jamin - Ask-e Roya-e Bashkahe (Royal) The Trinikas - Remember Me (Pierce) Cosmos Universal Band (Cultures Of Soul) St Vincent Supersound - Roasted Or Fried Christopher Columbus - Tighten Up 70 Perk Badger - Do Your Stuff (Hit Sound) Helen White - Love Is What You Make It (Justice) The Destinations - I Can’t Leave You (Ando) The Inspirational Gospel Singers - The Same Thing It Took (Fine) Symphonic Four - Who Do You Think You're Fooling Part 1 (Zudan) Preacher - Life Is A Gamble Pt 1 (Column) The Outcasts - Loving You Sometimes (Plato) Jay Stutes - Sugar Bee (Goldband) Sugar Boy Williams - Little Girl (Herald) Buddy Griffith – I Got A Secret (Chess) The Vibrettes - Humpty Dump (Lujon) Ann Alford - Gotta Get Me A Job (HySign) Doreen Rose - I Want To Be Petted (GMC) Marilyn Barbarin - Reborn (Bo Sound) Third Guitar - Baby Don't Cry (Rojac) Bus People Express - Augusta Georgia (Hot Pie and Candy) Smokey Brooks - Spin It Jig (Wow) The Coasters - Down Home Girl (Date) Gwen McCrae - 90% Of Me Is You (Cat) El Count Executives - Pot Of Gold (Gemini) Wendy Rene - After Laughter (Stax)