The Jay Vons

Started out the show this week with a fantastic new 45 from The Jay Vons. Both sides of this record are fantastic (I play the ballad on the show today). Hopefully they will drop a full length soon! Also in the show today are some amazing cuts by Marion Black, Roy Johnson and Paula West. Plus, don't miss the absolutely insane boogaloo track by Renaissance of Rhythm!

Listen Online:

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The Jay Vons "Never Take Me Back" on Cryptovision JB and the Vikings "Lazy Soul" on Zap Zing Marion Black "Listen Black Brother" on Prix Emory and the Dynamics "A Love Thats Real" on Peachtree The Peoples Choice "Run To Me" on Veroneeca Lovelites "How Can I Tell My Mom And Dad" on Lock Renaissance of Rhythm "There Is No Time" on RMP Roy Johnson "Forgive Me Baby" on Mohawk Gene Williams "(what ever you do) Do It Good (red label)" on Forte Wooden Glass "Monkey Hips and Rice" on Interim Hot Chocolate "Good For The Gander" on Cleveland Paula West "You're In Trouble" on Nale Williams Bros "Ghetto Boy Part 1" on Jemar Della Thomas "Let It Roll" on monitor Troy Shondell "Money Honey" on 3 Rivers Junior Washington "Skippy White Theme Part 1" on Wild Bumps Jackson "The Ghetto Pt 2" on Giant