Free Delivery

Featuring the fantastic new track from Myron & E with the Soul Investigators on Timmion Records, '(Free Delivery From) The Pot Club'. Go pick it up now! Also, I play plenty of tracks from the new Syl Johnson compilation that recently came out on Numero Group. Don't miss out on that one either.

Listen Online:

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Myron and E and the Soul Investigators "The Pot Club" on Timmion Syl Johnson "The Love I Found In You" on numero group Syl Johnson "Is It Because I'm Black?" on numero group Syl Johnson "Please Please Please" on numero group James Brown "I'll Go Crazy" on King The Gaylettes "Son Of A Preacherman" on Hourglass Dee Dee Gartrell "I Must Be Doing Something Right" on Maverick Lou Courtney "Hot Butter n All Pt 1" on Hurdy Gurdy Nathaniel Mayer "I Want Love And Affection" on Fortune Funka Fize "Because Your Funky" on Royce Robert Moore "Everythings Gonna Be Alright" on Saadia James Brown "Talkin Loud Sayin Nothin Pt 1 (Rock Version)" on King Mack Rice "Three People In Love" on Capitol Ann Alford "Got To Get Me A Job" on HySign Hodges Smith James Crawford "Nobody" on Mpingo Syl Johnson "Concrete Reservation" on numero group Flaming Embers "Hey Mama" on Ric Tic Helene Smith "You Got To Be A Man" on Phil LA of Soul Betty Adams "Make It Real" on Notes Of Gold Syl Johnson "Come Together" on numero group Benny Latimore "Girl I Got News For You" on dade The Impressions "Can't Satisfy" on ABC Syl Johnson "Little Sally Walker" on numero group Rosetta Hightower "Big Bird" on Toast Merry Clayton "Gimme Shelter" on Ode70 Yvonne Fair "Say Yeah Yeah" on dade James Brown "Cold Sweat Pt 1" on King All the People "Cramp Your Style" on Blue Candle Chris Columbus "Tighten Up 70" on Unknown Jimmy James "A Man Like Me" on stateside The Royal Revue "Is It Because Im Black" on Garu (Numero Group) Willie West "Lesson Of Love" on Timmion Inell Young "The Next Ball Game" on Big 9 Sir Guy "Funky Virginia" on DPG Perk Badger "Do Your Stuff" on Hit Sound Anna King "Mama's Got A Bag Of Her Own" on End Gene Anderson "The Loneliest One" on Royal Tone