New 45s For Days!

Played a show full of new 45s! Sister funk classics like the Ann Alford and the Helene Smith, and a few more obscure ones like the Little Denice and Jeanette White. Had to play one by Kings Go Forth cause I have been REALLY digging their recently released LP. Don't miss the new Cee Lo Green 45, with the amazing Menahan Street Band playing behind him. Also check out the cool instrumental 45 by the Scone Cash Players, featuring Adam Scone on Organ, Thomas Brenneck on Guitar and Homer Steinweiss on the Drums! Finally, I included a couple tracks from the new R&B compilation, called Teach Me To Monkey that DJ Finewine recently released.

Listen Online:

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Ann Alford "Got To Get Me A Job" on HiSign Helene Smith "You Got To Be A Man" on PhilLA Little Denice "You Can Teach Me New Things" on Ruthies Jeanette White "No Sunshine" on AM Effie Smith "Harper Valley PTA Gossip" on Eee Cee Betty and Angel "Honey Coated Loving" on Every Day Alice and the Soul Sensations "The Funky Judge" on Pzzazzz Helene Smith "Sure Thing" on Deep City The Coronados "Johnny B Goode" on Parliament Carolyn Franklin "I Don't Want To Lose You" on RCA Shelley Shoop and the Shakers "Fair Shake" on Groove Patti LaBelle and the Blue Belles "Decatur Street" on Nicetown Odds and Ends "Who Could Doubt My Love" on Today Kings Go Forth "Dont Take My Shadow" on Mr Cs The Raelettes "All I Need Is His Love" on tangerine Debbie Hines "Get Off Your Butt" on Keck Cee Lo Green "Georgia" on Elektra Johnny Jones "Soul Poppin" on Brunswick Bobby Marchan "Rockin Pneumonia" on Cameo Ricardo Ray "Nitty Gritty" on Aleure Wilson Pickett "Born To Be Wild" on Atlantic William Carr "Backup" on Dynovoice Little Charles and the Sidewinders "Nobody Knows" on Red Sands Clarence Reid "Nobody But You Babe" on Alston Carol Ford "Your Well Ran Dry" on Federal (re) Eugene Church "Mind Your Own Business" on King (re) Dean and Jean "I Love The Summertime" on Rust Little Junior Parker "Seven Days" on Duke Lula Reed "You Gotta Have That Green" on Federal Little Willie John "Leave My Kitten Alone" on King Big Boy Myles "Just To Hold My Hand" on Specialty Little Willie John "Take My Love" on King The Marvels "Voo Doo Hurt" on Bishop The Dukes "Ooh Bop She Bop" on Specialty Scone Cash Players "The Slitter" on Flamingo Time Lee Dorsey "Occapella" on spring Ann Alford "If It Ain't One Thing" on HiSign The Mad Lads "I Don't Want To Lose Your Love" on Volt Dee Clark "Blues Get Off My Shoulder" on Abner The New Young Hearts "Why Do You Have To Go?" on Zea