International Jams!

ofege Special guest Justin Tiernan helps me spin a nice show of international jams, perfect for a listening outdoors on a sunny day! Check out Justin's BroBots blog that he does with a couple of his buddies, and go see them dj at The Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA on April 13th.

Listen Online:

Hour 1
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Hour 2

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Emilio Santiago - Bananeira Los Cirros - Hay Muchos Como Yo Witch - Introduction Ossie Layne - Higher and Higher Little Francisco Greaves - Hiko Iko Amanaz - Sunday Morning Thony Shorby Nwenyifunk - Call a Spade A Spade Tim Maia - No Caminho do dem Nadia Cattouse - Long Time Boy Ofege - Its Not Easy Chrissy Zebby Tembo - Feeling Good Jesus Rodriguez - Sugar Man Gaston Jocou - Aufa Aufa The Youngsters - I Wanna Be Your Man Crusaders of Love - If You Want To Try Brazilian Bitles - Filhinho do papai Kentucky's - Uncle Willy Rabbits and Carrots - Give It Up or Turn It Loose Marc Aryan - Liberte Los Van Van - Y no le conviene Jorge Ben - Take It Easy, My Brother Charles Jorge Ben - Ponta De Lanca Africano Pan Ron - Snaeha Conjunto Oliveira Muge - Piage Con Me Amanaz - Khala My Friend Witch - Feeling High Chrissy Zebby Tembo - I've Been Loosing Omar Khorshid - Rakset El Fadaa Los Roller - Camino Cortado Little Francisco Greaves - Moving - Grooving