Have not played THAT in a while!

A couple of new ones toward the beginning, but mostly stuff I dug out of my boxes. I realized I hadn't played some of my favorite tracks on the show recently, so I wanted to make sure all the new listeners knew where I was coming from! Even got a little Soulelujah set in there for the locals!

Download (.m4a w/ trackbreaks and label scans): DOWNLOAD Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE


PJ Smith and Co - Hold On To It (Shane) Benny Gordon - Sugar Mama Pt 1 (Estill) Binky Griptite - The Stroll (Daptone) Charles Bradley - The Telephone Song (Dunham) Renaldo Domino - I'm A Good Man (Twinight) JD and The Evils Dynamite Band - Beer So Nice (Right On) (Soul Fire) Menahan Street Band - The Wolf (Dunham) Budos Band - Hidden Hand (Daptone) Bama and the Family - Get Up In Your Hot Pants (Lenar) Albert King - Cold Feet (Stax) Gwen McCrae - Rockin Chair (Cat) Buddy Miles - Dreams (Mercury) Erma Franklin - Piece Of My Heart (Shout) Samson and Delilah - Theres A DJ In Your Town (Black Prince) Mary Jane Hooper - I've Got Reasons (Power Pac) Reuben Bell - Superjock (Alarm) Mack Rice - Three People In Love (Capitol) Explosions - Hip Drop (Gold Cup) Third Guitar - Baby Don't Cry (Rojac) James Brown - I Feel Good (Sex Machine Today Version) (Polydor) All the People - Cramp Your Style (Blue Candle) Marilyn Barbarin - Reborn (Bo Sound) Eddie Bo - If Its Good To You Pt 2 (Scram) Quickest Way out - Tick Tock Baby (Karen) Maceo and the Flames - Tighten Up Pt 1 (Dynamite) Melting Pot - Kool and the Gang (Ampex) Claudio and The Skyrockets Combo - Papas Got A Brand New Bag (Pan Vox) Benny Latimore - Girl I Got News For You (Dade) Etta James - Somethings Got A Hold On Me (Argo) Rita Pavone - Gira Gira (RCA) Maggie Thrett - Soupy (Dynovoice) Stax - Soulelujah (Stax) Marc Aryan - Liberte (Markal) Flirtations - Need Your Lovin (Deram) The Olympics - I'll Do A Little Bit More (Mirwood) Willie Mitchell - That Driving Beat (Hi) The Capitols - We Got A Thing Thats In The Groove (Karen) Betty La Vette - What Condition My Condition Is In (Karen) The Patti Cakes - Peas Porridge (Revue) Lou Courtney - Hey Joyce (Popside) Jorge Ben - Ponta De Lanca Africano (Philips)