Brand New Digs

Bunch of new 45s I dug up recently. Been a good month or so for finding stuff. I love the Maxine Davis, she has a girl group sound that crosses over to soul/funk quite a bit. Really happy about picking up another big want of mine on Capsoul. Still have to track down that Four Mints LP though! I don't know what the deal is with that Joe Tex on Soul Sound. At first I assumed it was a bootleg, but I guess it might be the original label? Also, I finally got another copy of Stark Reality, after accidentally selling my last one!

Download (.m4a w/ trackbreaks and label scans): DOWNLOAD Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE


Maxine Davis - Before I Leave You (Guyden) Count Sidney - Put It On (Goldband) Four Mints - You Want To Come Back (Capsoul) Chuck Sibit - Hey Girl (Ultraclass) The Precisions - What Would You Do? (Wild) Al Kent - Where Do I Go From Here (Ric Tic) Pat Lewis - Can't Shake It Loose (Golden World) The Sensations - Get On Up Mama (Way Out) Big Mama Thornton - Yes I Cried (Carolyn) Joe Tex - I Should Have Kissed Her More (Soul Sound) Marva Whitney - You Got To Have A Job (King) Mighty Joe Young - Henpecked (Celtex) Roscoe Robinson - Prove It (Paula) Big Maybelle - Its A Mans World (Chess) Jo Armstead - I've Been Turned On (Giant) Justine Washington - I Can't Wait Until I See My Baby (SUE) The Shirelles - Don't Mess With Cupid (Blue Rock) Betty Wright - Good Lovin Daddy (Alston) Patti La Belle - Love Me Just A Little (Newtime) Brooks ODell - Turn My World Around (Mankind) Jean Wells - Keep Your Mouth Shut (Calla) Billy McGregor - Fall On My Knees (Flash) Kenya Collins and Mac Simmons - Looking For The Same Thing (PM) Tommy Duncan - Dance Dance Dance (Falew) GL Crockett - Its A Man Down There (4 Brothers) Jackie Wilson and Count Basie - Uptight (Brunswick) Marc Copage - Put A Little Love In Your Heart (canyon) Valentino - Liberation (Gaiee) The Stark Reality - Say Brother (Big Yellow)