The PutBacks!

Sorry for getting this show posted so late, I had to go out of town for a while. (Hi to my new listeners out at Verna Fields!) Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a few guest dj spots.

This week...a couple of tracks from an unsigned band out of Australia called The PutBacks! Plus a bunch of other scratchy 45s, including a super rare sweet soul gem from New Orleans by Sandra Williams. Also, be sure and check out the two Donnie and Joe Emerson tracks...AND LOOK AT THAT COVER! WHAT?

Download .m4a (w/ trackbreaks and scans): HERE Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE

Playlist: The PutBacks - BassKing (unsigned) Fabulous Three - Whitesands (soul fire) Donnie and Joe Emerson - Give Me The Chance (Enterprise and CO) Abel Lima - Domingo Ramos (VCV) Sandra Williams - Time (Neo Fo) Donnie and Joe Emerson - Baby (Enterprise and CO) Bethea the Maskman - Ghetto Love (BBC) Alvin Robinson - Whatever You Had (Joe Jones) Rhetta Hughes - You're Doing It With Her (Tetragrammaton) Black Velvet - An Earth Quakes Coming (Truth and Soul) The Elders - Sissy Strut (Audio Fidelity) Bethea the Maskman - Stand Up (Yellow Version) (BBC) Roy Hytower - I Want Some More (Avin) Gloria Williams - Sister Funk (Downtown) Bobby Byrd - I Need Help Pt 1 (King) Baby Charles - Time Wasting (Record Kicks) The PutBacks - The Diamond Cutter (unsigned) Andre Williams - Humpin Bumpin and Thumping (Checker) Bobby Byrd - If You Got A Love (brownstone) Willie Lee - Sweet Thing (Gatur) Freddie Scott - You Got What I Need (Shout) Chuck Jackson and Maxine Brown - Hold on Im Comin (Wand) Ann Sexton - You're Losing Me (Seventy Seven) Carol Jones - Don't Destroy Me (Mutt) Ruby Johnson - Weak Spot (Volt) Billy Sha-rae - Do It (Spectrum) Johnny Griffiths - Do It (Triple B) Billy Sha-rae - Let's Do It Again (Triple B) Fried Chicken - Funky DJ (Stone)