The Dynamites and Eli ‘Paperboy’ Reed!

New show with lots of funk and soul! Check the special b-sides set, as promo for volume 3 of my mix CD series coming soon! Check back on the site in the next week or so for ordering information!

For people in the Boston area, come to the Middleeast this TUESDAY July 10th, for The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker! Eli 'Paperboy' Reed & the True Loves are opening, with myself and Claude Money djing in between sets! Its gonna be a great show, don't miss it! Its a special 'Soulelujah Presents...' show too, so come show your support for our soul night!

Download .m4a (w/ trackbreaks & scans): HERE Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE


The Dynamites - What's It Gonna Be? (Outta Sight) Tony Sherman - Slippin Into Darkness (BASF) Backyard Heavies - Soul Junction (Scepter) Funkadelic - Can You Get To That? (westbound) Silky Vincent - Funky World Pt 1 (Eastbound) Sugar Pie DeSanto - Git Back (Jasman) Marvin Holmes and The Uptights - There Was A Time (UNI) Speedometer - Am I Your Woman? (Freestyle) Ann Sexton - You've Been Gone Too Long (Seventy 7) Melissa Manchester - A Song For You (MB Records) The RDM Band - Butter That Popcorn (Virtue) Blackrock - Blackrock Yeah Yeah (Selectohits) Black Merda - Do Nothing Wrong (prev unreleased) (Funky Delicacies) Eli Paperboy Reed - Its Easier Inell Young - I Remember The Summer (Libra) The Capprells - Walk On By (Bano) Viola Wills - I've Got News For You (Supreme) Renaldo Domino - I'm A Good Man (Twinight) Eddie Bo - Don't Turn Me Loose (Bo Sound) Albert Washington - Sad and Lonely (Eastbound) The Politicians - Psycha Soula Funkadelic (Hot Wax) The Impacts - Thunder Chicken (Marmaduke) Harmonica George - Get Some Order (Toddlin Town) Sky - Skyjackin (Soul Unlimited) Carol Jones - Don't Destroy Me (Mutt) Harlem Meat Company - I Don't Know Why (Cash) Contributors of Soul - I Don't Know (New Miss) Ironing Board Sam - Original Funky Bellbottoms (Styletone) Marva Whitney - Soulsisters (Shout) Jeanette Jones - I'm Glad I Got Over You (BGP) Rocky Brown - I'm Mad (Toxsan) Jim Pipkins - Mr CC (emerge) Jeane Mitchell and Harmonica Fats - Goodbye Fats (Normar) Sloan Bey - Look At Your Brother (Jonah) Brothers and Sisters - I am Somebody (Toddlin Town) The Dynamites - Come On In (Outta Sight)