Rock and Soul

Funky Rock and all kinds of soul!

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Blackrock - Blackrock Yeah Yeah (Selectohits) Original Black Sheep - Love Long (Flock) Jimi Hendrix - Like A Rolling Stone (Reprise) Velvert Turner - Xcuse Me Gentlemen (Family) Curtis Knight - How Would It Feel (RSVP) Los Bravos - Black Is Black (Press) The Razors Edge - Babys On His Way (Pow) Plastic Penny - Your Way To Tell Me Go (Page One) Albert Washington - No Matter What The Cost May Be (Eastbound) Willie Gauff and The Love Brothers - Communicate Not Hate (Eureka) Mamie P Galore - You Got The Power (Thomas) Gloria Taylor - Loving You And Being Loved By You (Silver Fox) Ronnie Love - Chills and Fever (dot) Five Du Tones - Shake A Tail Feather (Onederful) Dave Blocker - River Where Do You Go (Verve) The Chantels - Soul Of A Soldier (Verve) New Holidays - Maybe So Maybe No (Soulhawk) Johnnie Taylor - Whos Makin Love (Stax) Tammy - Whos Makin Love (Pan Vox) Marvin Holmes and The Uptights - Whos Makin Love (UNI) Helena Hollins - Baby Youre Right (Stonegood) Frank Lynch - Young Girl (My Records) Chris Clark - Whisper You Love Me Boy (Motown) BT Express - Do It Till Yer Satisfied pt1 (Vogue) Alexander Review - Snidley Whiplash (Vaya) Don Julian - Shorty The Pimp Pt 1 (Money) Bronx River Parkway - La Valla (Truth & Soul) Bronx River Parkway - Quienes Que Resolverio (soul fire) Larry Mcgee Revolution - The Burg (Boogie Band) GD and The Big J - Movin On (Good Records) Funka Fize - Because Your Funky (Royce) Breakout - Planet Rock Pt 1 (Melting Pot) Mickey & the Soul Generation - Message From A Black Man (Cali Tex) Third Point - Majestic Soul (soul fire) Fried - When You Get Out Of Jail (London)