Tom from Lotusland Guests

Guest DJ set by Tom from Lotusland Records. Tom throws down some nice disco, modern soul and funky jams. Check out for information on their upcoming reissue of Family of Eve's "Please Be Truthful"! I close out the show with a few of my new 45s...

Download show: HERE


majestics- class a radiance- this is a party wyndchymes- you're the one life- he is so good steve abdul kahn- got to have your lovin cojo- play it by ear mary love comer- come out of the sandbox mcgee- now that i have you maxx traxx- lets have a party sashay- give it up rhonda duran- disco fever belle farm estates- puddin rhythm makers- can you feel it leon cook- star tyme people's workshop- put some pep in your pace family of eve- please be truthful bill- space lady carol shinnete- cyanide love wayne douglas & jesus satellites- holdin on larry dixon- sounds so sweet (edit) captain sky- moonchild (edit) blair- nightlife

(PJ, back to close out the show...) The Cuzz Band - I Just Wanna Dance (Tri State) Bridge - Stick Your Finger In The Ground (Graytom) Larry Mcgee Revolution - The Burg (Boogie Band)