Galactic Fractures Radio Show - 6/25/2006

All 45s this week....disco near the beginning, moving into some soul and funk later in the show. Don't sleep on the Leo track, its crazy good. And I still can't get enough of that Ellis & Cephas! Download show: HERE


Fried Chicken - Funky DJ (Stone) Leo - Fee Fi Foe Fum (Capitol J) Donny Johnson - Burning Fire (Handsum) Chapter 2 - Dance Dance Dance (Morrythmn) Ellis and Cephas - I'm Gonna Miss You Girl (Vons) Arlene Bell - Did You Mean It? (Velvet) Judy Clay - Stayin Alive (LA) Jay and Cathys Clowns - The Bottle (SK) Family of Eve - I Wanna Be Loved By You (Lotusland (reissue)) Bob Williams - I'm Alright (Nadlyn) Magic Disco Machine - Scratchin (Caliber) The Energettics - You Make Me Nothing (Cobra 1974) Funka Fize - Because Your Funky (Royce) Charles Williams - Standing In The Way (Lifesaver (reissue)) Reni Crook - I Idolize You (TMI) Soulful Mary - Reep What You Soe (Aquarius) Hayes Ware - You Got Me Mama (CJ) Southside Revue - Chittlins pt 1 (Mellow) Leroy Soileau - Wish You Were Here (Tic Toc Records) Ruby Johnson - Weak Spot (Volt) Carol Jones - Don't Destroy Me (Mutt) Hodges Smith James Crawford - Nobody (Mpingo) Inell Young - Next Ball Game (Big 9) Gloria Walker - You Hit The Spot Baby (Flaming Arrow) The Parliments - All Your Goodies Are Gone (Revilot) Jonn El - Miss Sweet Stuff (Scorpion) Bonny Floyd - Mister Big Stuff (Bennett) Gene Chandler - In My Bodys House (Checker) Rita Pavone - Gira Gira (RCA) Marilyn Barbarin & the Soul Finders - Reborn (Bo Sound) Roy Hightower Gant Green - False Advertising Pt 2 (Number One) Alonzo and The Eternal Drive - Get Down Make It Funky (De Tone) Ernie and The Top Notes - Dap Walk (Fordom (reissue)) Bobby Rush - Mary Jane (Galaxy) Ann Robinson - You Did It (All Brothers (reissue)) Marc Aryan - Liberte (Markal)