Few boogie/disco cuts…

Another all 45 show....lots of boogie/disco cuts in this show. Download show: HERE


Larry Mcgee Revolution - The Burg (Boogie Band Records 1976) Curtis Green - I Just Gotta Get Down Pt 1 (Bold 1976) Los Bravos - Black Is Black (Press Records) Magnum - Evolution (Phoenix 1975) The Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can (Blue Thumb 1973) The Parliments - All Your Goodies Are Gone (Revilot) The Mystic Moods Orchestra & Friends - Any Way You Want It (Bainbridge Records 1974) Lou Pride - Its A Mans World (Suemi/Jazzman 2005) Jeannie Dee - Three Fools In Love (Hudd Records) James Stuart and The Dynamic Eight - I Heard What You Said (J and J Records) Quickest Way out - Tick Tock Baby (Karen Records 1974) Forbidden Circle - Hangin On A Thread (Down Home Records) Ricardo Marrero and The Group - My Friend (Don) Ambassadors of Soul - Cool Sticks Beat Pt 2 (Ovide Records) The Shades of Black - Mystery of Black Pt 2 (Funk45/Jazzman) Delores Ealy and The Roadrunners Band - Its About Time I Made A Change (whitelabel) Road Runners - Everyman For Himself (Funk Prophecy) The Dayton Sidewinders Band - Slippin Into Darkness (Carlco Records) Mystic Five - Girls Get Out Of The Way (Cunity Records) Nicole Willis and The Soul Investigators - If This Ain't Love (Don't Know What Is) (Timmion Records 2005) Parliment - Swing Down, Sweet Chariot (Casablanca Records 1978) Bob Williams - I'm Alright pt 1 (Nad lyn 1979) The LTD Exchange - Waterbed Pt 1 (Fania/Wand 1974) GD and The Big J - Movin On (Good Records) Montana - Heavy Vibes (Philly Sound Works 1983) Fern Kinney - Groove Me (Malaco 1979) Nuri - Lets Vote (instr) (Tryon Park Records) Loverde - Iko Iko (Prism 1981) The Energettics - You Make Me Nothing (Cobra Records 1974) Kite - You Got The Power (Decca 1977) Donny Johnson - Burning Fire (Handsum Records) L Tribe - Aint Nothin But A Party (Farr Records 1976) Holly Near - Aint No Where You Can Run (Redwood Records 1979) Lou Pride - I'm Not Thru lovin You (Seumi/Jazzman 2005)