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Part 1: Timothy McNealy - Funky Movement No. 2 Soul Diggers - Soul Dig Pt 1 The Pharaohs - Is That Black Enough For You King Hannibal - The Truth Shall Make You Free The Peppers - Pepper Box The Sweet - Little Willy Breakestra - Baby Don't Cry Betty Davis - If I'm In Luck, I Might Get Picked Up Soul Swingers - Ca Ba Dab Hermon Hitson - She's A Bad Girl Thomas East - Funky Music Pt 1 Ike & Tina Turner - Proud Mary The Mohawks - The Champ John Roberts - Sophisticated Funk James Brown - Don't Be A Drop Out Big Ella - Too Hot To Hold Franciene Thomas - I'll Be There Freeform Experience - Reach Higher Keb Darge - How he started DJing Dobie Gray - The "In" Crowd Pat Lewis - Noone To Love The Moments - Sexy Mama Lou Donaldson - Everything I Do Gohn Be Funky The Creations - Save The People

Part 2: Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham - Lover & A Friend Big Ella - Keep Hangin On Pt 2 Ernie Fields Jr. - Funky Pipes Hank Ballard - How Ya Gonna Get Respect Brinkley & Parker - (Don't Get Fooled By The) Panderman Nina Simone - Whatever It Takes Oliver Sain - On The Hill Bobby Byrd - Headquarters Rhythm Rebellion - Universal Rhythm (instr) Creative Funk - Moving World Salt - Hung Up Watson & The Sherlocks - Funky Walk Willie Hobbs - Do Your Own Thing Voices Of East Harlem - Can You Feel It Soul Runners - Spreadin' Honey Floyd Smith - Soul Strut The Touch - Pick & Shovel J Hines - Victory Strut Chicago Gangsters - I'm A Outlaw James Rivers - Take It All Mary Jane Hooper - Harper Valley PTA Afrique - Kumbo Coming Earth Mother - Crazy Legs Allison & Calvin Turner - Shake What Your Mama Gave You Big Maybelle - Eleanor Rigby Pure Records - Certs Original Soul Senders - Soul Brothers Testify Pt 1

Part 3: Gene Chandler - Soul Hootenanny Pt 2 Lee Fields - She's A Lovemaker Roy Robers Experience - You Move Me Pt 1 Freda Payne - Unhooked Generation Friday Saturday & Sunday - Potato Salad Magnificent Montague - Sam Cooke Interview Harley Farquart Express - California Dreaming Stark Reality - Say Brother Rhetta Hughes - Light My Fire Earl Harrison - Humphrey Stomp Jimmy Bee - Funky Way Ester Phillips - Last Night Changed It All Norma & The Heartaches - Hot Pants