Special Guest John Book

(From John Book)

"My guest DJ spot on Galactic Fractures is perhaps what I like to do when I write about music. I like to offer a good portion of the unknown and not-well-known, along with offering variations of what you may be very familiar with. The music was selected to show off some of the music and records I have, and was done so with the listener in mind. When the welcome mat was offered for me to enter Galactic Fractures once again, I made sure I put together the show with the utmost respect, just as the show does for the music it plays on a regular basis."

For more audio variations, people can listen to my weekly BOOK'S MUSIC podcast by clicking to http://booksmusic.podomatic.com/, or check out my journalistic works by heading to http://www.thisisbooksmusic.com/

Listen Online:

[audio:http://c0441221.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/gfrac052911.mp3 ]

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Rare Earth-Big John Is My Name The Isley Brothers-Listen To The Music (quad in stereo) Prince Jammy-Firehouse Special Donny Hathaway-Valdez In The Country (quad in stereo) Scientist-Your Teeth In My Neck The Doors-My Wild Love (Z-Trip Remix) Miles Bonny vs. The Roots-Tunnel Vision (Refix Remix Math Freestyle) Brutus-Hey Mama B.Cause-In The Sea Art-Brothers, Dads and Mothers Queenz-We Will Rock You (Remix) BeBop Deluxe-Live In The Air Age (Radio Spot) Bernie Leadon/Michael Georgiadis Band (Radio Spot) Man Or Astroman-Big Trak Attack Sizzla vs UB40-Red Wine To Gaze Lil' Daggers-Wasting Rare Earth-Get Ready (quad in stereo) The Supremes-I Hear A Symphony (quad in stereo) The New Rotary Connection-Vine Of Happiness Love-Doggone (John Book 2011 Edit) Bim Sherman meets Horace Andy & U Black-Lamb of Judah Mahavishnu Orchestra-Miles Beyond The Spinners-I'll Be Around (quad in stereo) Sly & The Family Stone-Loose Booty (quad in stereo) Mandingo-Battle Johnny Harris-Stepping Stones Love-Car Lights On In The Daytime Blues

Special Guest Ephraim Glick!

Back in 2008 my friend Ephraim did a guest spot on the show and it was a huge hit, so I asked him back for a second session. Don't miss out on this fantastic mix! I especially dug the Party Favors on RSVP and the Third Guitar ballad he uses to close out the show. Solid start to finish.

Listen Online:

[audio:http://c0441221.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/gfrac050811.mp3 ]

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Ernie Hawks "Soulful Trip Pt 1" on Nite Club The Natural Four "Steppin On Up" on ABC The Star-tels "Exterminator Man" on Lamarr Ruby Andrews "Lets Get A Groove Going On Pt 1" on Zodiac Barbara George "I Got My Guard Up" on Hep Me Shirley Ellis "Sugar Lets Shing A Ling" on Columbia Lolita and the Exotics "Put A Lotta Lovin To It" on Libra Marvin Holmes "Find yourself Pt 1" on Kimberly Little Oscar "The Message" on Supreme Blues Frankie Beverley's Raw Soul "Open Up Your Heart" on Eldorado The Stylistics "Let The Junkie Bust The Pusher" on Sebring Panic Buttons "Come Out Smokin" on Gamble Tony Avon and the Belairs "Stone Soul Candidate" on Atlantic Joe Ray and the Spontanes "You Don't Care (About My Love)" on Eclipse The Party Favors "Changed Disposition" on RSVP Natural Four "Message From A Black Man" on ABC Third Guitar "Been So Long" on Rojac

Keith Foley Guest Set!

My friend Keith Foley, aka Axel Foley, stops by the show to play some of his raers. Some real amazing stuff in this set. Check out the pulled Jackson 5 'Boogie' LP, which includes an amazing Stevie Wonder cover. Also plenty of local tracks, such as the amazing Riviera Show Band, recorded at a club in Somerville MA! You can catch Keith every Friday and Saturday at Grafton Street Pub in Harvard Square.

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They Call Me Mr Lonely

No new radio show this week, so I decided to post up a guest mix from DJ O-Dub. It was actually slated to be posted to the website/podcast last year, but due to technical difficulties it never got posted. However, here it is, and its worth the wait!

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Cultures Of Soul!

SPECIAL SHOW! Interview with Deano Sounds and Billi Sparrow. Deano Sounds started a label called Cultures of Soul, and the first release comes out this tuesday! It is a 45 of unreleased West Medford, MA heat by the Original Black Sheep of the Family. Billi Sparrow calls in to talk about the release and how he created the tracks back in the 70s. Don't miss out on this amazing show and interview.

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International Jams!

ofege Special guest Justin Tiernan helps me spin a nice show of international jams, perfect for a listening outdoors on a sunny day! Check out Justin's BroBots blog that he does with a couple of his buddies, and go see them dj at The Enormous Room in Cambridge, MA on April 13th.

Listen Online:

Hour 1
[audio:http://c0441221.cdn.cloudfiles.rackspacecloud.com/gfrac2010-04-04part1.mp3 ]
Hour 2

Download: Hour 1 Hour 2


Emilio Santiago - Bananeira Los Cirros - Hay Muchos Como Yo Witch - Introduction Ossie Layne - Higher and Higher Little Francisco Greaves - Hiko Iko Amanaz - Sunday Morning Thony Shorby Nwenyifunk - Call a Spade A Spade Tim Maia - No Caminho do dem Nadia Cattouse - Long Time Boy Ofege - Its Not Easy Chrissy Zebby Tembo - Feeling Good Jesus Rodriguez - Sugar Man Gaston Jocou - Aufa Aufa The Youngsters - I Wanna Be Your Man Crusaders of Love - If You Want To Try Brazilian Bitles - Filhinho do papai Kentucky's - Uncle Willy Rabbits and Carrots - Give It Up or Turn It Loose Marc Aryan - Liberte Los Van Van - Y no le conviene Jorge Ben - Take It Easy, My Brother Charles Jorge Ben - Ponta De Lanca Africano Pan Ron - Snaeha Conjunto Oliveira Muge - Piage Con Me Amanaz - Khala My Friend Witch - Feeling High Chrissy Zebby Tembo - I've Been Loosing Omar Khorshid - Rakset El Fadaa Los Roller - Camino Cortado Little Francisco Greaves - Moving - Grooving

Whiskey Barons Guest DJ

Whiskey Barons (Amphibious and The Bogart, both from the Flavorheard crew) stop by the show to play their new 12 inch single. They brought along some treats...reggae, latin, disco....check it out.

I start and close the show with songs from Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents' new EP on Q Dee records. Don't miss it!

Download (.m4a w/ trackbreaks and label scans): DOWNLOAD Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE


Jenny Dee and the Deelinquints - Shake Some Action (Qdee) Delroy Wilson - Get Ready (Hit Bound) John Holt - Love I Can Feel (Striker Ace) Delroy Wilson - Cool Operator (blank) Ken Boothe - Who Really Cares (Soul Beat) Desmond Decker - Fu Manchu (Aces) Bob Marley - Mr Brown (Upsetter) Errol Durley - Please Stop Lying Girl (Gibbs) Heptones - Hot Pants Road (blank) Soul Syndicate - Bongo Riot (Rebind) The Paragons - Riding High (Treasure Isle) Johnny and the Attractions - Cross My Heart (Gay Feet) Justin Hines and the Dominoes - Saturday Night (Duchess) Ken Boothe - I Don't Wanna See You Cry (studio one) C Campbell - I Let The Music Play (Pecking) Whiskey Barons - Guajira (Flavorheard) Whiskey Barons - Badumbadey (Flavorheard) Whiskey Barons - Shake Yuh Waist (Flavorheard) Dizzy Gillespie - Manteca (Verve) Manu Dibango - Weya (Fiesta) Jose Mangual - Chinatown (Turnstyle) Tropicana Steel Band - Calypso Rock (Polydor) Ralph Macdonald - The Path (marlin) Chico Man - Moyombe (Kindred Spirits) People - Na Waya (Follow Me) Ice - Time Will Tell (harmless) Joe Bataan - Call My Name (Commonfolk) William DeVaugn - Be Thankful For What You Got (disco version)(Tec) Sly and Robbie - Billy Jean (Aralux) The Chequers - Get Up Stand Up (comp) Jenny Dee and the Deelinquents - You're The Best Thing (Qdee)

Funky16Corners Guest DJ Set!

Funky16Corners Presents 45 Fingers of Death An hour of Deep Crates Style Kung Fu

Complete with liner notes!

Always be sure to stop by the Funky16Corners blog at http://funky16corners.wordpress.com/

Also if you are in the New Jersey area, be sure to drop by the Asbury Park 45 Sessions (at the Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ) this coming Friday, 6/12.  You can catch Mr. Funky16Corners live.

Download (.m4a w/ trackbreaks): DOWNLOAD Download (.mp3): DOWNLOAD


BW Souls – Marvin’s Groove (Round) Billy Davis – Stanky Get Funky (Cobblestone) Richard’s People – Yo Yo (Tuba) Eldridge Holmes – The Book (Deesu) Different Strokes – Sing a Simple Song (Okeh) Rufus Thomas – Do the Funky Penguin (Stax) Johnny Otis Show – Country Girl (Kent) Other Brothers – Hole In the Wall (Modern) David T Walker – Watch Out Dynamite! (Revue) Little Royal & the Swingmasters – Razor Blade (Trius) Lee Moses – Day Tripper (Musicor) John Paul – I’m a Bad Son of a Gun (Philips) Funky Four – Plus – The Bomb (Golden Hit) Joe Hicks – Home Sweet Home (Scepter) Aaron Chico Baily & the Family Affair Band – The Point Pt 2 (Kris) Soul Tornados – Crazy Legs (Westwood) Andre Brasseur – The Duck (Palette) Diamond Joe – The ABC Song (Deesu) African Echoes – Big Time (Phil LA of Soul) Maceo & the Kings Men – Got To Getcha (House of the Fox) Emperors – Mumble Shingaling (Brunswick) Rex Garvin & the Mighty Cravers – I Gotta Go Now (Up On the Floor) (Like)

Liner Notes:

Greetings all.

A short while back PJ asked me to cook up a guest mix for Galactic Fractures (the first was a couple of years back). After a fair amount of consideration (since I’m always working on mixes for Funky16Corners) I walked into the record room and started to pull out 45s. I decided on a solidly funky vibe, with plenty of breaks, but also lots of soulful grit.

Things get started with what I consider to be one of the truly great funk 45s, which doesn’t really get the shine it should because it is also one of the most affordable, ‘Marvin’s Groove’ by BW Souls. I’ve never been able to track down any info on the group, though the California-based Round label also featured classic soul, R&B and other excellent funk 45s in its discography. The opening drum and bass intro never fails to blow my mind.

Billy ‘Guitar’ Davis’s ‘Stanky Get Funky’ is a blazing love song, sung from a man to his guitar. This is an example of a truly funky 45 that has a following on UK Northern Soul dance floors.

If you get a chance, fall by Funky16Corners for the piece I wrote about Richard’s People and ‘Yo Yo’. The first time I heard this record I knew I had to have it, and after a few years I finally scored a copy. It’s a great mix of heavy, breakbeat funk and pop-inflected Latin soul on Detroit’s Tuba label (also home to Johnny Lytle and Derek Martin).

Eldridge Holmes was probably the greatest New Orleans soul singer you’ve never heard of. Between 1962 and 1972 he recorded R&B, soul and slamming funk, almost always under the aegis of Allen Toussaint. ‘The Book’, written by Leo Nocentelli of the Meters (who backed Holmes on the crate digger’s fave ‘Pop Popcorn Children’) was one of Holmes’ last 45s, and also one of his best.

Different Strokes is another band that remains a mystery. They recorded one 45 for Okeh – both sides Sly and the Family Stone covers – and nothing after that. The fact that their name is also a Sly reference makes them all but un-Google-able. Their take on ‘Sing a Simple Song’ starts out slow, but dig those drums.

I’ll go ahead and assume that if you’re listening to Galactic Fractures you already know who Rufus Thomas is. 1971’s ‘Do the Funky Penguin’ sports one of the truly great breakbeats, which is why it’s been sampled by everyone from Biz Markie to a Tribe Called Quest. No self respecting DJ should ever hit the decks without two copies of this one.

Johnny Otis is one of the true past masters of rhythm and blues, laying down burners for over 50 years. ‘Country Girl’ is another cut in the style of ’Watts Breakaway’, in that it features both Johnny and Shuggie Otis as well as vocalist Delmar Evans. I love the lyrics on this one, as well as that deep, deep guitar/piano sound.

The Other Brothers is a recent discovery for me. The tune ‘Hole In the Wall’, credited to the Packers but actually laid down by a combination LA/Memphis group, has a long and interesting history. I had no idea until recently that a vocal version had ever been recorded. I haven’t been able to find out who the Other Brothers are, but their take on ‘Hole In the Wall’ is solid, funy soul. Dig the Batman and Gunsmoke namechecks.

David T. Walker is a soul jazz guitarist who recorded a grip of LPs under his own name, as well as having countless session credits. ‘Watch Out, Dynamite!’ is a funky, stop-time burner that came out on 45, but also appears on his 1969 ‘Going Up’ LP.

Not much needs to be said about Little Royal and the Swingmasters’ “Razor Blade”. This is what I like to refer to as funky ass funkity funk. If you’re just starting to build up your crates, know that Little Royal 45s are cheap and plentiful, and of course essential. The drum and bass breakdown in the middle of this one is a classic.

Lee Moses is a cat with a huge following in the collector world. He recorded heartbreaking, wailing soul ballads, as wells as mind bending instrumental heat. A fine example of the latter is his blazing version of ‘Day Tripper’, one side of one of the greatest funk 45s ever created (the other side is his break-laden take on the Four Tops ‘Reach Out I’ll be There’). This 45 does not come cheap, but a single listen will make it clear why.

John Paul is another performer who’s common name and seemingly brief discography make tracking down information almost impossible. Of course you could always just grab yourself a copy of ‘I’m a Bad Son of a Gun’ (it’s not expensive), and soak up the soulful vocal and the opening breakbeat.

‘The Bomb’ by the Funky Four-Plus is just the backing track (and B-side) to James Barnes and the Agents ‘Good and Funky’. It’s also the same track used by JJ Barnes (who, oddly enough is not James Barnes) for ‘Don’t Bring Me No Bad News’. In all likelihood this is a Motor City studio assemblage, composed of any number of Funk Brothers and other likely suspects. I love the recurring piano/vibraphone motif.

Joe Hicks was a Sly Stone protégé, recording a couple of 45s for different labels before heading to Memphis in 1973, recording an LP for the Stax subsidiary Enterprise. ‘Home Sweet Home’ pre-dates his Stone Flower 45s, and likely features backing by the Family Stone.

Aside from the fact that Aaron Chico Bailey and the Family Affair Band recorded in LA (home to the Kris label), I haven’t been able to find out anything about them. ‘The Point Pts 1&2’ is a great, rambling bit of jazzy funk, with oddly ominous voice-overs.

Ohio’s Soul Tornados – billed variously as the Soul Toronados and Soul Toranodoes – recorded a couple of absolutely burning, Hammond funk 45s. They had releases on the Detroit Burt and Magic City labels, as well as Ohio’s Westwood imprint. ‘Crazy Legs’ (not the Donald Austin tune) is a killer with a nice fat break in the middle of the record.

Unless you’re a Hammond collector, or Belgian, you may not know the name Andre Brasseur. Brasseur recorded a number of excellent organ 45s, one of which ‘The Kid’ was a minor hit in the States. ‘The Duck’ is by far his funkiest 45s and never fails to get the crowds moving.

Diamond Joe is another great, unsung New Orleans soul singer. Like Eldridge Holmes he recorded almost exclusively with Allen Toussaint. He only waxed seven 45s between 1961 and 1969, but a couple of them (especially ‘Gossip Gossip’ on Sansu) are certifiable classics. His final 45, ‘The ABC Song’ is his only funk side, and (likely featuring backing by the Meters) it’s a banger.

The African Echoes is a group that I always assumed – thanks to the fact that their 45 was released on Phil LA of Soul – was from Philadelphia. This was until I discovered that the very same 45 had originally been released on the Ovide label (from Texas), and may have featured some or all of the TSU Toronados. ‘Big Time’ is an excellent, horn-heavy funker.

Maceo (Parker, natch) and the Kings Men were of course the JBs. ‘Got To Getcha’ is a heavy funk 45, with some crazy hoodoo lyrics (‘I need a turtles egg to make her beg’?!?) and some wonderful guitar.

‘Mumble Shingaling’ was the last – and funkiest – 45 by Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s Emperors (and their only 45 on Brunswick). The group best known for their version of ‘My Baby Likes To Boogaloo’ on Mala (as well as a couple of other hot 45s) later regrouped as Emperors Soul 69 for a very rare 45.

The mix closes out with one of my personal Top 5 45s in any genre, ‘I Gotta Go Now (Up On the Floor)’ by Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers. Best known for ‘Sock It To Em JB’, Garvin recorded through the 60s and early 70s with and without the Mighty Cravers, leaving behind a number of excellent 45s and one complete LP. ‘I Gotta Go Now (Up On the Floor)’ is one of the slammingest 45s ever laid down by anyone, and has positively explosive effects on any dance floor.

I hope you dig the tunes, and that you’ll head on over to Funky16Corners when you get the chance.

Joseph Colbourne Returns!

Local disco collectro Joseph Colbourne stops by to play us some of his gems! Lots of great ones for the disco/modern fans in this set.

Before Joseph starts out, I played a few new 45s, including the fantastic Myron & E with the Soul Investigators. Originally out on the Finnish Timmion record label, they are going to be put out in the US by Stones Throw!

Download (.m4a w/ trackbreaks and label scans): DOWNLOAD Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE


(PJ starts out...)

Myron and E with the Soul Investigators - Cold Game (Timmion) Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (Stones Throw) Akwaaba People - Need Somebody (Deep Funk) The Black Exotics - What Am I Waiting For (Funk 45)

(Joseph takes over)

Newstar Band - I Still Feel Like Dancing (New Star) Brief Encounter - Get A Good Feeling (Capital) Joe Coleman - Get It Off The Ground (F1 Team) Freeway - Get The Feeling (Nebula Circle) Garfield Fleming - Don't Send Me Away (becket) Vernon - Get To The Point (Babs) The Antilles - I've Got You Have You (Polydor) R B Hudmon - Searchin For Your Love (Nite Life) Deodato - Keep On Movin' (Remix) (WB) Toba - Make Your Mind Up (Connection) Master Control - No Cross No Crown (LA) Dizzy K - Excuse Me Baby (EMI) Pierce Bros - Say Lady (Star Birth) Le'o Roy - Pound For Pound (Golden Flamingo) Steveo - Pay The Price (tk) Buari - I'm Ready (Makossa) Bunny Mack - Supafrico (RCA) UDM - To Please You (Kadabra) Powerline - Watching You (PLR) Eddie Henderson - Cyclops (Capitol) La Pregunta - Chameleon (PE) Mark IV - If You Can't Tell Me Something Good (Brite Lite) Gonzalez - Closer To You (Tooti Frooti) Cab - Stop (Hoopwoods)

Cosmo Baker Live! Take 2!

Special treat to welcome people back to Galactic Fractures! Cosmo Baker stopped by our old dj night "Soul Touch" last year. It happened to be the night that his team won the world series, so you KNOW it was special! Check it out! Cosmo TEARS it up!!!!!

Download .mp3 (plain audio): DOWNLOAD

Ephraim Guests DJs…

Local collector and friend Ephraim stops by with some of his favorite funk and soul 45s!

Download .m4a (w/ trackbreaks and scans): HERE Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE

NEW! Click the iTunes links to download tracks as individual songs!

Playlist: Johnny Davis - You Got To Crawl To Me (Bandit) Johnny Davis - Eccentric Soul: The Bandit Label - You've Got to Crawl to Me Clarence Reid - Let Those Soul Sounds Play (Tayster) Clarence Reid Jackie Day - What's The Cost (Specialty) Jackie Day Eddie Bo - Fallin In Love Again (Seven B) Eddie Bo Johnny and The Expressions - Boys and Girls Together (josie) Brothers Sisters and Cousins - Smoke Stream (Nasco) Love - The Only Way (RRG) Aalon Butler - Its Got To Be Something (PKC) Mad Dog and The Pups - Why Did You Leave Me Girl (Magic City) Don Gardner - Aint Gonna Let You Get Me Down (Tru Glo Town) Don Gardner The Players - Get Right (Minit) Thelma Jones - Mr Fixit (Barry) Thelma Jones Jackie Day - Long As I Got My Baby (Modern) Jackie Day Clarence Reid - Gimme A Try (Dial) Clarence Reid - The Outskirts of Deep City - No Way Out Shirley Ellis - Soul Time (Columbia) Billy Wade - I Cant Help It Baby (ABC) Billy Clark - Soul Party Pt 1 (Dynamo) Hot Ice Company - I Got The Love You Need (Lionel) Lou Courtney - Let Me Turn You On (buddah) Back Bay Brew - Its All Over (Back Bay) Lee Fields - Tell Her That I Love Her (Bedford) Lee Fields The Barrons Ltd - Making It Better (Chimneyville) Hodges Smith James and Crawford - Nobody (Mpingo) The Hidden Cost - Bo Did It (Marmaduke) Hidden Cost - MFSB - Mutha Funkin Sonofabitch: The Truth Behind the Philly Legend - Bo Did It (Long Version) Sharktooth - Jaws (Bryan) Hott Snow - Let Nature Take Its Course (RCade) Frankie Newsom and The Soul Invaders - My Lucky Day Pt 2 (GWP) Frankie Newsome - GWP: NYC TCB - My Lucky Day Pt. 1 Black Lightning - Trouble (MCA) The Tenth Dymentions - The Bushman (Sapphire) Syl Johnson - Concrete Reservation (Twinight) Syl Johnson Sonny Charles - Its Alright In The City (RCA) Krystal Generation - Wanted Dead or Alive (Mister Chand) Krystal Generation Jean Knight - Do Me (Stax) Jean Knight - Mr. Big Stuff - Do Me Ruff Francis and The Illusions - Give Me Mercy (Essica) Ruff Francis - Creative Musicians, Vol. 2 - Give Me Mercy Derek Martin - Soul Power (Volt) Derek Martin - Stax/Volt - The Complete Singles 1959-1968 - Volume 9 - Soul Power United Image - Loves Creeping Up On Me (Volt) Eddie Floyd - Big Bird (Stax) Eddie Floyd - Stax Profiles: Eddie Floyd - Big Bird The Showstoppers - Shake Your Mini (Showtime) Clarence Carter - Tell Daddy (Fame) Jimmy McCracklin - Dog Pt 1 (Minit) Jimmy McCracklin

Sam Bogart Guest DJs

Sam Bogart from flavorheard.com stops by to play a set of soul, jazz, dub & more!

Download .m4a (w/ trackbreaks and scans): HERE Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE


let me ride - windy city - kelli arts summer love - blackbyrds - fantasy make the road by walking - menahan street band - dunham lakisane - manu dibango - fiesta no caminho do bem - tim maia - milan music evil ways - willie bobo - verve summertime - mongo santamaria - columbia i thought it was you - herbie hancock - columbia domnioes - donald byrd - domino records riding high - faze-o - she records walk on the dub side - dj disse - music for dreams america imagine - dj numark & pomo - up above records help is on the way - the whatnauts - harlem international records nervous like me - the dap kings - kay-dee records soulful strut - young-holt unlimited - brunswick children's song - the third eye - lenar moneypenny - cal tjader - skye wade in the water - ramsey lewis - cadet working on a building - the blue ridge rangers - fantasy el charlatan - chocolat's - CBS bang bang - coke - sound triangle dime - chocolat's - CBS fever - little willie john - king fever - junior byles - trojan peace and love dub - augustus pablo - santic e.t. sepecial - impact allstars - impact addis a baba - augustus pablo - rockers truth and rights - johnny osbourne - studio one make it with you - dennis brown - studio one sing jah stylee - johnny osbourne - studio one grooving - dennis brown - studio one summer song - locksmith - kudu

ReRelease Jazz!

Special Jazz set by Andrew Schrock from ReRelease.net! Download .m4a (w/ trackbreaks and scans): HERE Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE

INTERLUDE in BG: Shamek Farrah - "first impressions" (strata-east) Arnie Cheatham - "Road through the wall pt. 1" (ReRelease) Thomasz Stanko - "Boratka and Flute's Ballad" (Calig) Jorge Lopez Ruiz 5 - "Homenaje a la Muerte" (Ten) INTERLUDE in BG: barney wilen - "Moshi" (Saravah) Elysian Spring - "Lotus" (ReRelease) Don Cherry - "Utopia and Visions" (Caprice) INTERLUDE no BG music. Infinite Spirit Music - "Live Without Fear" (ancient afrika) INTERLUDE in BG: Babs Robert - "pro forma 1" () Thesda - "Bongo Lumbo" (ReRelease) Luke Vibert - "Floot" (rising high) Harold McNair - "The Fence" (B and C)

Funky16Corners Guest DJs!

Larry Grogan of Funky16Corners drops a fantastic hour long set. His blog is amazing...always filled with insight that many collectors overlook. On a personal note, he has taught me that every 45 has a story, from the common cheap 45 to the expensive gems everyone lusts after. I regularly check his blog for information on the 45s I've had in my box for years, and the 45s I WISH I had in my box!

He'll be djing at the Ashbury Park 45 Sessions on 7/6 at Ashbury Lanes in Ashbury Park, NJ. Don't miss it!

Download .m4a (w/ trackbreaks & scans): HERE Download .mp3 (plain audio): HERE



Globetrotters – Globetrotters Theme (Kirshner) Interpretations – Trippin’ (Jubilee) Young Holt Unltd – Superfly (Paula) Lou Garno Trio – Muy Sabroso (Giovanni) Mark Lewis Trio – Funky Street (C&M) Mickey & the Soul Generation – Iron Leg (Maxwell) Robin Kenyatta – Werewolf (Atlantic) Herbie Mann – Dippermouth (edit) (Atlantic) Ray Barretto – Right On (Fania) Lowell Fulsom – Funky Broadway (Kent) Jesse Hill – Mardi Gras (Pulsar) Jomo – Uhuru (African Twist) (Checker) Toussaint McCall – Mary (Dore) Chuck Cornish – Blue Eyed Brother & Soul Get Along (SSS Intl) Georgie Boy – You’re Gonna Get It (SSS Intl) Charles Kynard – I Got So Much Trouble (Mainstream) Kent & the Candidates – There Oughta Be Law (Double Shot) Willard Burton & the Funky Four – Funky In Here (Capitol) Meters – Live Wire (Josie) Lee Dorsey – Four Corners Pt 1 (Amy) Monk Higgins – Gotta Be Funky (UA) James Brown – Shhhhhhh (For a Little While) (King)

PJ finishes out the show...

The Younger Brothers - Show Me (privatepress) The Dansettes - Oh My! (Cosmic Groove) Sharon Jones - I'm Not Gonna Cry (Daptone) Alice Russel Feat Quantic - Somebodys Gonna Love You (RK45) Bob and Gene - You Don't Need Me (Modo (daptone)) Fabulous Three - Fly By End (Soul Patrol (Soulfire)) The Sequins - Wheres Your Love Been? (Crajon) Naomi Davis - Wind Your Clock (Unreleased Desco TestPress) Bobby Byrd - Doin The Doo (FunkyPeople (comp)) Fred Wesley - Use Me (FunkyPeople (comp)) James Brown with Louie Bellson Orch - There Was a Time (FunkyPeople (comp)) Willie Dickson and The Playboys - Lickin Stick (GoodGod (comp)) Coletta Woodson - Follow The Wind (SisterFunk2) Jeanette Jones - You'd Be Good For Me (BGP (comp)) Lavell Kamma - Soft Soul (Jazzman) Jimmy Lane - Deal With It (Funk 45)