Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?

TONS of new 45s this week! Couldn’t pack them all in, so next weeks show will have lots of gems as well. This week we have Love Addict, a huge want of mine for a long time. A few sweet-with-a-beat james like Doris and Kelley and The Webs. Even played a couple Iranian psych 45s in this show! Check out the full playlist below.

Listen Online:

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Honey and The Bees “Love Addict” on Arctic
The Epsilons “Mad At The World” on Shrine
El Count Executives “Pot Of Gold” on Gemini
Cheryl Williams “I’m Your Fool” on Bengee
Moha jamin “Ask-e Roya-e Bashkahe” on Royal
Shabah “I Need Somebody To Love” on ?
Doris and Kelley “You Don’t Have To Worry” on Brunswick
Symphonic Four “Who Do You Think You’re Fooling Part 1″ on Zudan
The Webs “It’s So Hard To Break A Habit” on Popside
The Mystics “That’s The Kind Of Love” on Teako
Emory and the Dynamics “Pretty Little Schoolgirl” on Peachtree
The Destinations “I Can’t Leave You” on Ando
Lee Moses “Got That Will” on Maple
Kim Tamango “Not By Bread Alone” on Firebird
Charles Mintz “Give A Man A Break” on Uplook
The Mystics “I Really Love You” on Teako
Larry Sanders “Story of my Love” on Sound of Soul
The Scott Singers “When The Saints Go Marching In” on Sacred Sound
4th Kindom “Why Do You Think They Call It Dope” on CORE
The Soul Procedures “Caution Part 2″ on Five O