A History Of Jazzmans Funk45 Label

For many years now Jazzman Records has had a reissue imprint called Funk45. They reissue the rarest of the rare Funk 45s, so that anyone could hear the fantastic music usually only available to the select few that could afford the huge prices that these records demanded. I decided to go through the catalog of Funk45 releases, in order, playing my favorites. Enjoy!

Listen Online:

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The Brothers Seven “Evil Ways” on FUNK45001
Mickey and The Soul Generation “Give Everybody Some Part 1″ on FUNK45002
The Chefs “Mr Machine Part 1″ on FUNK45003
The Fabulous Mark 3 “Psycho Part 1″ on FUNK45004
The Great Deltas “Tra La La” on FUNK45005
Fabulous Originals “It Ain’t Fair But Its Fun Part 1″ on FUNK45006
James Polk “Power Struggle” on FUNK45008
The Soul Lifters “Brothers and Sisters” on FUNK45009
The Majestics “Funky Chick” on FUNK45010
The PCs Ltd “Fast Man” on FUNK45011
Arthur Monday “What Goes Around Comes Around Part 1″ on FUNK45012
The Prepositions “Something Different” on FUNK45013
Larry Ellis “Funky Thing Part 1″ on FUNK45014
Lil Buck and the Top Cats “Monkey In A Sack” on FUNK45015
Fire “Soul On Ice” on FUNK45016
The TMGs “The Hatch” on FUNK45017
Harvey and the Phenomenials “What Can I Do?” on FUNK45018
Rev Jamel and Bob Johnson “Walking On The Moon” on FUNK45019
Abraham and the Metronomes “Party” on FUNK45020
Little Curtis “Soul Desire” on FUNK45021
The Shades of Black “Mystery Of Black Part 1″ on FUNK45022
Unknown “Egg Roll” on FUNK45023
Vern Blair Debate “Super Funk” on FUNK45024
The Soul Pleasers “Baby Don’t Cry” on FUNK45025
Weston Prim “Spider Web” on FUNK45026
Jimmy Lane “Deal With It” on FUNK45027
Innersouls “Thoughts” on FUNK45028
The 2nd Amendment Band “Backtalk Part 1″ on FUNK45029
Reginald Milton and the Soul Jets “Clap Your Hands” on FUNK45030
The Universals “New Generation” on FUNK45031
Devastation “Congestion” on FUNK45032
Johnny States “Bug Eye” on FUNK45033
Barbara Trent “Heartbreak Hotel” on FUNK45035
The Soul Impossibles “Interpretation Soul Power No 1″ on FUNK45036
The Soul Drifters “Funky Soul Brother Part 1″ on FUNK45037
The Black Exotics “What Am I Waiting For?” on FUNK45038